Switching to Powder Scrub

We discovered this Galenic scrub that you can share with your partner, that does not expire, and that adapts to the variable needs of your skin.

Exfoliation is, in many cases, the pending account of many women who want to take care of their skin and renew it. They remove dead cells, soften the skin, help close open pores. You are used to scrubs that come in cream, but we have just discovered a new format that will interest you for many different reasons. We talked about the Purete Sublime de Galenic powder scrub that will conquer you.

“It is an exceptional scrub for an ultrasoft face, smoother and brighter in a few seconds,” they explain from the brand. Its objective was to create through this powder scrub care that transforms the skin relief in a few seconds, respecting all skin types, even the most delicate ones.

«In the search for the perfect formula, I have selected several powders: the scrubbing pine powder, the white detoxifying clay, and the mattifying talc. To conserve their potency and dose them to the fullest, I have created an anhydrous / no water / dry formula, without preservatives, which, when directly in contact with the skin, ensures an optimal action”, points out its formulator.

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